Friday, March 16, 2012

Reader's Art 12 : Stephanie Carpenter

Reader's Art 12: Longing for HomeI  Stephanie Carpenter wants to challenge the viewer to interact with the book through more than the text by engaging the physical presence of the book itself. Through deliberate physical action with the entire piece, the viewer is asked to slow down while in- teracting with my work. Thus each book is a tangible reminder of how the journey is an important and relevant part of any interaction. Each printed piece was created with handset type, hand-cut illustrations and traditional bookbinding methods. The time that it takes to create the piece is then mirrored in the action the viewer must take to reach the entire content of the book.

Reader's Art 12: Longing for Home
March16- April 26, 2012
opening reception, Friday, March 16, 7-10 pm

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