Monday, December 7, 2015

Windows on Cedar: Waveforms by Lori Anne Baumgartner

In the Windows:

Lori Anne Baumgartner

The ocean has captured human imagination for our entire history. Ancient peoples saw the
ocean as the source of darkness and chaos in the world, a realm of mysteries and monsters. As
we mastered shipbuilding the ocean became a frontier for adventure, holding new continents
and treasures to be claimed. Even now the ocean is largely unexplored and new species and
geological formations are discovered regularly. In this spirit of curiosity and searching I created
these prints. The plates are created with textured acrylic mediums on cardboard. There is no
way of knowing what the final image will look like until the print is pulled. Each inking is printed
many times, continually revealing new layers of texture and color within the print. The printing
process is a journey through the textures of the plate. Multiple printings of each plate are hung
together documenting the discoveries made during the printing process. The plates are hung as

a record of the places journeyed through, almost becoming a topographical map.

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