Saturday, April 9, 2016

Evening transformations: Lyz Wendland

During the day, the windows require close inspection.   They are subtle, snow white with ghosts.  At night, they glow from afar, revealing their depth.  See more of Lyz Wendland's work.

Friday, April 8, 2016

In the Windows: Lyz Wendland

Stillwater, MN artist, Lyz Wendland Received a Minnesota Artists Initiative Grant to create and mount this site specific installation.  While it is similar to her Phipps Center for the Arts installation, pictured above, it was made especially for these windows on Cedar Avenue.

For best viewing, come by after dark and see them glow!

Lyz Wendland artist statement

My work reflects my interest in mapping and architecture, especially the appeal of repetition and the reassuring promise of reliability. My mainly abstract pieces deal with the comfort offered by repeating forms and actions and they examine the subtle rigidity of my cookie-cutter neighborhood, which offers a sometimes clear and sometimes blurred delineation between public and private spaces. The connection of the everyday mundane intertwines with predictability of structure. The lines, shapes and forms I observe in my suburban neighborhood inspire my current body of work made up of layered process of drawing, painting, installation and sculpture.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Windows on Cedar:Peppino Earthman

Peppino S. Earthman
Photographer/Visual Artist
Earthman and Associates Ltd

Peppino Earthman is a seasoned professional photographer for 25 years. Peppino started out shooting family events and events for friends.  Later Peppino traveled the Southern United States and Midwest; he has photographed some of the controversial places for their beauty and uniqueness. Peppino has photographed several metropolitan cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, St. Louis, and the California Coastline.

Family, friends, and colleagues have stated Peppino is naturally content when he has a camera in his hand. Photography is Peppino’s passion, he has spent hours shooting photos of everything in his path. He appreciates the beauty of architecture and what landscapes has to offer and wishes to share this beauty with mankind.

 “As a professional photographer/Visual Artist, Peppino has  traveled the Southern States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Cuba, & South America to shoot some of the most historical, controversial, and beautiful sites some long forgotten…Peppino sees the unseen beauty of what the earth has to offer and some of the places most people want to forget. Peppino has also shot some of the most beautiful women in the world and is always looking for new assignments to build his portfolio; and currently looking for reliable models, which can be ready for a shoot in a reasonable time, willingly and availability to travel.”

The photographs displayed were shot in Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.  The area of expertise Peppino has chosen is: Architectural, Landscapes, Urban, and Events. Peppino doesn’t Photoshop any of his photographs; his belief is in “Natural Beauty”…Nothings perfect and that’s the way it was intended, why photo shop to turn it into make-believe.

“Life isn’t measured by the number of Breaths we take…
But by the moment we take our Breath”

Contact for assignments
Peppino Earthman:
Earthman and Associates Ltd
Mobile: 612-770-5670
See profile on Linked-In

Monday, December 7, 2015

Windows on Cedar: Waveforms by Lori Anne Baumgartner

In the Windows:

Lori Anne Baumgartner

The ocean has captured human imagination for our entire history. Ancient peoples saw the
ocean as the source of darkness and chaos in the world, a realm of mysteries and monsters. As
we mastered shipbuilding the ocean became a frontier for adventure, holding new continents
and treasures to be claimed. Even now the ocean is largely unexplored and new species and
geological formations are discovered regularly. In this spirit of curiosity and searching I created
these prints. The plates are created with textured acrylic mediums on cardboard. There is no
way of knowing what the final image will look like until the print is pulled. Each inking is printed
many times, continually revealing new layers of texture and color within the print. The printing
process is a journey through the textures of the plate. Multiple printings of each plate are hung
together documenting the discoveries made during the printing process. The plates are hung as

a record of the places journeyed through, almost becoming a topographical map.

See more of Lori Anne's artwork at:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kristen Dieng Wonder Me Mosaics

It was a glorious October day when Kristin completed installing in the windows of Susan Hensel Gallery. Reflections are always a problem when photographing the windows.  But, on this day, the reflections added the fall trees to the picture, augmenting the experience.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


DATELINE:  Sunday, October 11
The windows are full of...WINDOWS ...and lanterns and other luminous  things;-)

Kristin Dieng of WONDER ME MOSAICS is completing her installation in the windows today!  THey will glow day and night!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Women's Art Institute at St. Kate's

The Women's Art Institute at St. Kates is an interesting, intensive experience. For the last 16 years, for nearly 4 weeks, 5 days a week, 18 or so women meet with professors, visiting artists, art historians and make studio visits to working artists all while producing a "major body of work", informed by our work together.  This may well be a fitting definition for the word "INTENSE."  A lot of reading, writing, discussion, and, yes, sometimes tears, ensue.

I came to try to bring focus to my work, illuminate a path ahead for work and exhibition, and increase community.  While the months ahead will tell, I believe all three of those goals have been addressed.
I came with the intent of investigating the role of digital embroidery in my feminist art practice.  I did, indeed, fuss around a lot with the existing elements of this nascent installation of embroidered vulvas.  They are rather pretty and began to develop as characters  But I paused the project and will continue with it at a later time.

Why?  well, stuff happens!  Part of the project involved the development of wall paper for the installation.  When the wallpaper arrived from Spoonflower, it was beautiful...but WRONG for the project.  However, it was very right in and of itself.  It became a stand alone, editionable piece, entitled  THE BODY DISAPPEARS.  It is a print, 12' long and 2' wide and it is rich and beautiful.

While I was awaiting the arrival of the wallpaper, I began thinking that the project was not only about life but it was also about death:  the little deaths and the real bodily death.  So I began designing a black and white wallpaper.  I wanted to suggest the cycle of life by using white conte crayon on paper coated with chalkboard paint.  It gave a lovely ghosting effect to the drawing...

and then I could not stop.  The chalk drew me in, so to speak, and carried me onward.  I began to think in terms of an installation of drawings that surrounded me, going deeper and darker into the ideas of Eros and Thanatos.  I envisioned it as a frieze that would surround me.  Each frieze was about 18' long.  As the days progressed, the drawings changed and began to include bones and mysterious deep sea forms and slashing lines. Until...
It became this installation with a performance.  It had become clear that the drawings would not read properly in a single sentence around the room.  They needed to become a paragraph, with a sound track and performance.  The performance was simple:  I drew and erased, drew and erased, drew and erased.  In the end, the piece was 10' h by approximately 18 ' w.
sound loop for the performance of Eros and Thantos

8 panels of Eros and Thanatos will be shown briefly, July 11- July 18, in the galleries at the 
Catherine G. Murphy Gallery
                                              2004 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

July 11: 10am-7pm
July 12: 10 am-7:30pm
July 13-18: 4:30pm-8:30pm

July11-12 coincide with the Art Fair at St. Kates, which is a lovely event!