Friday, July 5, 2013

New Works by Marjorie Nilssen

 Marjorie Nilssen installed her show of new works in the Windows on Cedar today.  Marjorie is on the faculty of Ridgewater College, in Wilmar, MN.


My paintings are based on my long time interest in color, texture and unity.
While I am visually intrigued by nature; rocks, algae, moss, etc., my paintings are not
representations or ‘pictures’ of nature.

I am constantly amazed at what happens in my studio when I let go of ideas and allow the
various processes of painting;  melting wax, mixing paint, scraping, etc., to develop into a work.
It is the mystery of this process that intrigues and inspires me.

Studying under the direction of Larry and Paula Poons at The Art Students League of New York
(September 15-October 1, 2012) enhanced my artistic skills by reinforcing the significance of
color development and the concept of losing yourself in order to make a good painting.
I can still hear Poon’s saying “stop trying to make a painting!!”
Although I was aware of this concept prior to my time at the Art League this idea becomes
more clear to me as I continue to work in my studio in Atwater, Minnesota.

Below is a quote from Larry Poons that I really like:

“Ultimately, the issue with art is art.  And you really shouldn’t worry about:  ‘well….if I do this,
it’s not me.’  It’s always you.  That’s the important part of art:  that this thing comes through if
you let it.  The essential part of what you, the artist is, comes through if you don’t try to be so
overly protective of what you think is your way of doing things.  I think you have to constantly relearn this in your working career---that what you think you can’t do is what you already should be doing, and you’re just putting it off.  Simply because you’re afraid to lose yourself.   But when you lose yourself, that’s when the art happens.”

*From a 1989 interview with John Zinsser in ‘Larry Poons:  Paintings, 1963-1990

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A not so lackadaisical summer

Summer is finally upon us.  It is a glorious Independence Day morning, not yet hot.  The birds are singing and the flowers swaying in the breeze. The amateur fireworks have been pretty minimal this year. But tonight will be a different story. The skies will light up with both amateur and professional fireworks.

Last week we lit up the night with words and thoughts about HOME.  We had a one night garden party...that moved inside as more storms, in a stormy summer, moved through the Twin Cities.

Rosemary Davis organized a reading of Minnesota authors:  HOMETOWN: A Language We speak.

Environmental artist, Alis Olsen, installed two sculptures in the side garden.

Julia Jackson Hunt installed text work in the windows.

A special gallery note:  as you can see in the first photo above, I am still in a sling from an accident and surgery.  Recovery is slow...perhaps another 4 months.  As a consequence of needing to schedule physical therapy, Monday hours are suspended for the rest of the summer.  The Windows on Cedar Project continues.  Next up is Marjorie Nilssen.   If you need wool products: hand dyed roving, mohair and handspun yarn....I am still around.  Feel free to call or email to set up an appointment.