Monday, February 12, 2018

IN THE WINDOWS: Adepts, Accidents, and Anecdotes by Tom Roark

I've known Tom pretty much since I moved to Minneapolis in 2004.  He is a neighbor, a gardener, a kind volunteer, a writer, a rock and roll guy, an aspirant permaculturist and he draws with me, and a bunch of other people,  once a week.

In 2008, Tom saw twenty Robert Shetterly The paintings portrayed Americans from Sojourner Truth to Martin Luther King. All spoke loudly for justice, peace, and truth.

He felt that peace happens for reasons beyond good intentions and wanted to look closely at thinkers and doers who either cultivated the conditions for peace, or, sometimes, stood as exemplars of what not to do.

He write “Faces of Wisdom” for Duluth’s Zenith City Weekly Zenith City News. Each column is accompanied by a portrait drawings.  Some of those — and a few other pictures — are included in this display. 

His drawings will be in the windows until mid March.  Do come by.