Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Garden progresses

Jane Gordon is at work in the garden today, laying out the hundreds of elements that will become ANEMONE.

Also coming soon, artists books associated with the installation JUST LOOKING. the first printing has occurred and assembly is in process. The titles are WITNESS (on the left) and I AM MY OWN WITNESS ( on the right). Theyare small, hand-sized books, original text and image by Susan Hensel, $25 each, or both for $45.

Remember, August 8th is the opening of this show.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In the Garden soon: ANEMONE

ANEMONE, by local ceramic sculptor, Jane Gordon, will be popping up in the Susan Hensel Gallery Peace Garden...by the end of July. Come by any time, and peer over the fence...Knock on the door and maybe we'll share some time sitting in the garden letting the peace wash over us. Jane is unable to attend the opening of JUST LOOKING, so we will be arranging a later date for you to meet her. Stay tuned.

Remember, JUST LOOKING, opens Friday, August 8, 5-9pm.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Changes afoot

There are changes afoot behind the scenes at Susan Hensel Gallery. Zach Pearl, who has been helping me in a myriad of ways for the last year will be stepping up his duties and spending more time in gallery promotion and development. To the left you see his first ad and appended below, his first press release for me.

While I was on vacation, I completed the soundtrack for JUST LOOKING. Before taking off for points north, I recorded the voices of Alison Morse, Mark Carlson, Sandy Beach and Tom Cassiday. I spent a couple of days in my little rented cabin, hunched over the computer, mixing and blending the sounds. And, if all goes as planned, my son, John Hensel, will travel back to Minneapolis and work on the interactive video component of this installation using Isadora software.Meanwhile, Dale Kennedy is building a structure for the upcoming show JUST LOOKING. So stay tuned!

Press Release:

(No thank you) JUST LOOKING

Minneapolis, Minnesota—July 15, 2008—A unique installation will cast its glow on the walls of the Susan Hensel Gallery in South Minneapolis this August.

“Just Looking,” a mix of traditional media, projection, and live video is a project that’s been mulled over by the gallery’s owner and resident artist over the past two years. The opening participation event will happen on August 8th from 5 to 9 p.m. Viewers are invited to tip-toe on the line between viewing and becoming a part of the experience.

The mission of the Susan Hensel Gallery has always been grounded in the art of storytelling, and pairing unconventional images with thought-provoking messages behind them. However, with “Just Looking”, Hensel raises the bar, cascading a sophisticated slideshow of over 600 self-portraits upon her guests while a live-feed video projection of them overlays the art and disintegrates the boundary between “what to see” and “what to be”.

“We become what we behold”, as Hensel will tell you, describing the myriad of concepts and visual themes that went into the making of this piece. This installation of an inward gaze turned outward is actually a reflection of Hensel’s own desire to investigate
her experience first as a woman, and also as an older artist; watching from slightly outside the conventions of society.

Miles away from the surface-depth lens of fashion-based media, “Just Looking” presents a chance to interact with reflective snapshots of an aging female artist in modern times. The portraits are rendered in everything from bare-bones media such as marker to more complex processes such as watercolor over collage. As viewers enter the space and see themselves entwined within the brushstrokes of a face ridden with self-knowledge and concern, Hensel hopes that they will ponder the difference between just looking and being seen.

An exciting and extraterrestrial-looking installation by local ceramic artist Jane Gordon will also be on display in the Susan Hensel Peace Garden for the duration of the exhibition. An open-invitation potluck is also set for the 27th of August from 5 to 9 p.m., featuring artwork from the “salon-style” artists’ discussion group that meets monthly in the gallery.

For more information, please call the gallery at 612.722.2324, or
visit online @


About the Susan Hensel Gallery:

Opened September 10th, 2004 Susan Hensel Gallery is a gallery/
workspace presenting 5-6 shows per year devoted to the concept of
narrative in the arts in an intimate space, with hardwood floors and
high tin ceilings. It is the belief of Susan Hensel that humans are a
"storymaking species" who will always seek, find or provide a story
for any experience.

It is the intent of the Susan Hensel Gallery to provide experiences to
stretch and test the storymaking impulse. The gallery is open to the
public during receptions and by generous appointments.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008