Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leap of Faith at ArtSpace

This will give you a sampling of the work at ArtSpace. They finished installing yesterday. The extra benches/pews will be moved out for the opening, Friday, Nov 7, 5-9pm. There is far more art than I could show here. Do attend both locations and see the full breadth of what artists are thinking about.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The windows at night

Collection by Debora Miller

Leap of Faith opens Friday

The floor is still dirty, flotsam and jetsum abound and the lights need adjusting. But, the show is hung in the Susan Hensel Gallery. And it is almost ready at ArtSpace as well, thanks to Sue Goodspeed and Dale Kennedy. Today I have a few rough pictures of the SHD space.

I do like to show you the installations in process, from chaos to completion. But I was too tired and spacey after staying up watching the election results to photograph the fulll effect! This portion of the show looks very pre-election: it is rather somber in tone. But the windows! Oh you must drive by at night! Local artist Debora Miller installed a brillant, glowing, colorful site specific installation called Collection. It lights the night! Tomorrow, I will try to photograph the ArtSpace portion of the show. Ta,ta!