Saturday, April 9, 2016

Evening transformations: Lyz Wendland

During the day, the windows require close inspection.   They are subtle, snow white with ghosts.  At night, they glow from afar, revealing their depth.  See more of Lyz Wendland's work.

Friday, April 8, 2016

In the Windows: Lyz Wendland

Stillwater, MN artist, Lyz Wendland Received a Minnesota Artists Initiative Grant to create and mount this site specific installation.  While it is similar to her Phipps Center for the Arts installation, pictured above, it was made especially for these windows on Cedar Avenue.

For best viewing, come by after dark and see them glow!

Lyz Wendland artist statement

My work reflects my interest in mapping and architecture, especially the appeal of repetition and the reassuring promise of reliability. My mainly abstract pieces deal with the comfort offered by repeating forms and actions and they examine the subtle rigidity of my cookie-cutter neighborhood, which offers a sometimes clear and sometimes blurred delineation between public and private spaces. The connection of the everyday mundane intertwines with predictability of structure. The lines, shapes and forms I observe in my suburban neighborhood inspire my current body of work made up of layered process of drawing, painting, installation and sculpture.