Friday, February 27, 2009

Reader's Art 9 preview

Obsession by Julie Gawne, Kentucky

Musings by Annette Geistfeld, Arizona

Monday, February 23, 2009

Zach Pearl receives recognition

Zach pearl received recignitiontoday on MNARTISTS.ORG. Go take a look.

Review=Reflect=Recycle, the closing event!

We cleared the walls! The retrospective of James Michael Lawrence was cleared, cleaned and recycled to enthusiasts, education institutions, non-profits that benefit teachers and the GLBT collection at the University of Minnesota.

Reader's Art 9 selections from the coming show

The Life of (Another) President's Son by Amanda D'Amico, Philadelphia, PA

No Rhyme or Reason by Carol Morris of Ann Arbor, MI


The opening of Zach Pearl's Archipelago happened on a sunny Sunday afternoon in South Minneapolis.

Mimosa's, quiche and a cheese volcano! Good food, good friends, good jazz.

I could get used to these afternoon openings!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reader's Art 9 selections from the coming show

Keep watching here. I will be posting images of some of the books that will be in the show!Of Eyes, Mouths & Bodies, by Kaylie Abeyla, from Boston, MA.
Grow by Anne Alexander , from Prescott, Arizona

Monday, February 16, 2009


We have been talking and viewing and answering questions today. Zach is finishing off the last details for his wonderful show of drawings, ARCHIPELAGO, that opens on Sunday, Feb 22, at noon. Over the last few weeks I've been giving you peeks at them. But, these must be seen in person to get the total effect. They are far more than mere jpeg's can convey. We talked of food (Yum! Quiche, mimosas, fruit...). We talked of prices (reasonable). We talked about wall text (too cool). We talked about hanging the show right after James' Take Down/Take Home event.
So really, you must come to the gallery 2 days in a row, because on Saturday, 1-4, you get to help strip the walls and take home the fruits of your labors! For an optional donation of that amount that expresses the intersection between how valuable the prints are to you and what you can afford, take home his art. Really! Everything must go. Pre-shopping has increased. More and more people are dropping by and selecting their prints early.

Reader's Art 9 is coming soon

Art in the Palm of Your Hand
READER’S ART 9: small, smaller, smallest
March 7- April 15

Susan Hensel Gallery is pleased to be opening the ninth annual Reader’s Art exhibition of artists books. In the year 2000, back in the wilds of mid-Michigan, Susan decided it was time to start showcasing book artists for Midwest audiences. Right from the beginning, in a tiny little alternative space, The Art Apartment, in East Lansing, Michigan, the show found not only participants (the easy part) but supporters and collectors. How ideal to begin the now venerable show of often tiny, apartment sized artworks, in that tiny eponymous space.

Now in it’s ninth year, Reader’s Art has showcased book artists from all over the United States and Canada, some famous, some totally unknown. Each year has had a loosely applied theme. This year the theme is SIZE. Most of the books will fit in the palm of your hand and some are downright tiny! This year, 22 artists from 11 states are sending in their work.

For the last few years the gallery has showcased several artists, exhibiting their work in depth. This year that privilege goes to popular South Minneapolis artist and teacher Jody Williams of Flying Paper Press . Jody was the inaugural recipient of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts Prize in recognition of her deep commitment to excellence in the book arts.
Also being shown in depth are Arizona artist Patrice Baldwin of Pequeño Press and
Washington artist Jill Timm of Mystical Places Press .

Many other artists are involved, 22 in all, including local filmmaker John Akre , painters Kate VanCleve & Judith Westergard and
former Minneapolitan Amanda D’Amico .

An added bonus, the Susan Hensel Gallery continues its partnership with Hudson High School, showing the visual journals of their English students.

Don’t miss the opening reception: Friday, March 7, 5-9pm.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When you come for brunch on Feb 22, noon-4, you will see this four foot piece by Zach Pearl. The drawings for Archipelago are done in layers, starting with a smooth bristol and building up with tracing vellums and acetates, creating a three dimensionality unattainable in any other way.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 21 and Reader's Art 9

So, Maybe you want this picture at James Michael Lawrence's big Take Down Take Home? There are hundreds more!

Meanwhile the jury is in for Reader's Art 9. It is a colorful show this year. Stay tuned. I'll be slowly but surely posting some of the images from the following artists:
Kaylie Abela
Ann Alexander
Patrice Baldwin
Amanda D’Amico
Julie Gawne
Annette Geistfeld
Edwin Jager
Jody Williams
Sun Young Kang
Riki Kobl Nelson
Tara O’Brien
Johanne Renbeck
Maryann Riker
Maddy Rosenberg
Jill Timm
Kate VanCleve
Judith Westergard
Ellen Wiener
Carol Morris
John Hensel
John Akre