Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reader's Art 12: LaThoriel Badenhausen

Reader's Art 12: Longing for Home  New York artist LaThoriel Badenhausen wrote: "Paper dolls!  Growing up poor in rural Minnesota, my paper dolls were wrinkled, faded dolls culled and cut from the Christmas Sears Roebuck catalog.  Every year, I received a bounty of new paper dolls in the mail.  (Montgomery Ward’s “dolls” were inferior).  My paper dolls were constant friends during days spent indoors waiting out a blizzard. Schiaparelli Fashion Paper Dolls remind me of that place, those days.  Just as a child I pasted new dresses to a doll when I became bored with her fashion presence or posture, I have transformed the dated Schiaparelli paper dolls by giving each doll a face evident in the currently fashionable art context.  Yoko Ono, Pamela Lehman, Nara, Cattelan, Warhol, Jesus and his disciples and McCarthy’s “Tomato Head”." 

Reader's Art 12 : Longing for Home
March 16-April 26, 2012
opening reception Friday, March 16, 7-10pm

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