Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boxes on Boxes!

The boxes for Reader's Art are piling up! The computer lumbers under the photo rendering stress! Old boxes are reclaimed from storage to pack up Uncommon Textiles! Uncommon Textiles, with Sara Christensen Blair and Rachel Star Suntop was well attended right up to the last possible moment! One of the last people to see that show is one of the artists in Reader's Art 10: Buzz Spector.
White Insistence by Buzz Spector

Buzz has been around the book world for years, teaching, writing and producing artwork that comments on the book and literature. He and I had a series of "small world" encounters in our brief visit. He knows Rachel Suntop. He taught with her mother, Bea Nettles, years ago and stays in touch with Rachel on Facebook. Until recently, he taught at Cornell, in my home town of Ithaca, NY and he is now Dean at Washington University in St. Louis...a school I came very close to attending (42 years ago!). White Insistence, one of the three books he will have in the show, is a limited edition printed to be torn-away so the story is revealed across multiple pages at once.

FYI, I uploaded all the jpg's I currently have from the participants, on facebook. You can see it, with or without joining facebook, by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reader's Art10 is coming soon

It's been TEN YEARS since this thing began in East Lansing! This year, Jon Coffelt, formerly of AGNES Gallery, has curated the show. He has chosen 51 artists from all over the world to demonstrate the current trends in artists books!

Read an article about the history of Reader's Art Here

Stay tuned! The catalog is in progress and the boxes are arriving.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I have the unexpected pleasure of meeting Sara Christensen Blair this weekend, and so will you!

Sara is one of the artists represented in UNCOMMON TEXTILES which runs through February 27. She will be in town to deliver work to the Textile Center and graciously consented to spending the afternoon with us! COME BY AND MEET HER! TEA and TREATS will be served;-)

While you are here, check out the hand felted art and artyarn of Rachel Starr Suntop.