Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review=Reflect=Recycle, Art for the Taking ,January 9-February 21, 2009

The installation has begun. Thousands? At least HUNDREDS of prints are going up on the walls. The opening party is January 9, 5-9pm. It's the place to be!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Much to say

There is much to blog abot, but very little time, it seems.

As part of the continuing programming for Leap of Faith:
This Sunday, 9am, Debra Elmore Nesheim and her husband Stephen will speak at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church about restoring the place of art in the church. Free and open to the public.

Next will be the wonderful restrospective for James Michael Lawrence. More on that in a later post.

Today, I got notice that an article came out in FiberArts on Jon Coffelt, our April artist.
The January/Feb issue of FiberArts has an article about Jon Coffelt's
Memory Clothing. He will be showing the clothing here, at Susan Hensel
Gallery April 18, 2009- May 10, 2009, in a one person show entitled
COMMUNION. He and I titled the show Communion because of the thoughtful,
almost sacremental nature of how he transforms the clothing and the
memories as he works.

I do not yet know if he is visiting with his clothing. I hope so. He
is a dear man. Years ago, before he moved to New York City, he had a
gallery in Birmingham, Alabama called AGNES, named after his
grandmother. He gave me my first one person show as a book artist. You
can learn more about him at
<> and see the FiberArts article at

Stay tuned. I'll post more closer to the show.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Artists Talk at Artspace

Sunday, December 14, 9am, Sara Haig will talk about her installation WORDS UNSPOKEN at Lake Nokomis prebyterian Church ArtSpace. The church is located at 1620 E. 46th St., Minneapolis.