Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mari M. Mondanelli in the Windows

 Debris Collection
Mari Marks Mondanelli

Debris Collection represents fractured moments. With a camera, I have explored the world, gathering evidence of these instances through bright color, intense pattern, and unusual shapes. In an intuitive process, I play with relationships between these visual elements. As my memories come together, the work finds its own voice and reveals new possibilities.

ABOUT Mari Marks Mondanelli

Mari Marks Mondanelli is an emerging artist who sets no media boundaries in her artistic practice. Motivated by new challenges, cultures, ideas and places, she enjoys travel and considers it an important stimulus to her work. Her intuitive and experimental process lends itself to creating abstract work, which builds relationships between bright color, unusual shapes and intense patterns. Mondanelli works with many mediums including painting, collage, installation, drawing, fibers, sculpture, and photography. Mondanelli has exhibited her work locally, nationally, and internationally.

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