Friday, October 31, 2008

Planning Ahead

As the work trickles in for Leap of Faith, opening in one week!!!!, other things are percolating foe the future. I am still working on getting the Combat Paper Project here. If you are interested in helping, do let me know. I believe that what they are doing is exceptionally important. Come to the opening Nov 7, between 5-9pm to see one of the portfolios made by them and to watch the trailer of the documentary Iraq Paper Scissors, by Sara Nesson.

I was talking to my old friend, Jon Coffelt today. He was one of my early supporters in the books arts. He had the gallery AGNES in Birmingham, Alabama for years. You can read about it in Wikipedia. It was one of the few galleries that collected and showed artists books. What a wonderful place. I flew down, put up my show and had a wonderful visit, way back when. He lives and works in New York City now. He will be having a show here in the spring called COMMUNION. Stay tuned for more info. What I really wanted to tell you is that he has agreed to be the curator for the 10th anniversary of Reader's Art! What a great idea! My early friend and supporter chosing the show. I loved the idea. As we get closer, you will hear more.

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