Monday, October 6, 2008

All Thing Electoral continues with a Grass Roots celebration

The show goes on! Listen to KFAI Radio's Art Matters Archive of October 2 for a discussion of All Things Electoral. I am forever grateful for the support that KFAI lends to this gallery, from Art Matters hosted by Marya Morstad to Catalyst hosted by Lydia Howell. Both shows have covered the gallery since the day we opened four years ago. Thanks!!!

We here in Minneapolis can get real hot under the collar about politics. We really like the candidates we like. We really believe in helping one another. The ideal combination of grass roots and gentle governance seems to be what we seek. In that spirit, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization supports and assists homeowners and renters in many ways. One of the ways has been their support of Elise Kyllo's work with residents. For the past two years Elise, with neighborhood support, warm bodies, paint brushes and free paint from Valspar, has been muraling oft graffitied walls. That's Elise in the green sweater, more or less free of paint. Saturday night, gallery supporters and mural participants came from far and wide to celebrate her contribution to the livability of this neighborhood, to look at the slide show of her murals, to look at All Things Electoral, drink locally brewed beer and to eat the 10 pizzas donated by the Chatterbox Pub .

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