Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Leap of Faith chosen + Podcasts?

The artists for Leap of Faith: Let Peace Reign have been chosen. Although the show does not open until November 7, you can begin to get an idea of who's who by checking out their websites.

Jacob Ackerson
Alex Appella
Vigee Blue
Liliam Dominguez
Debra Elmore-Nesheim
Andrey Feldshteyn
Marcia Haffmans
Sarah Haig
James Michael Lawrence
Marvel Maring
Drew Matott
Melinda McCannell-Unger
Sarah K.McCoy
Debora Miller
Jeff Rathermel
Jeff Skemp
Karen Wilcox
Bonnie Wolf

You will also notice, in the side bar, that the great podcast experiment has begun. There are 2 audio segments. One is the first actual podcast, an interview with James Leonard about his WAR BONDS performance. The other audio is the audio from my show, JUST LOOKING. The script for JUST LOOKING was developed from a nationwide survey of retail looking behavior. The performers are Susan Hensel, Tom Cassidy, Mark Carlson, Sandy Beach and Alison Morse. Enjoy, and rest assured that the audio quality will improve as our equipment improves.

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