Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ophelia as she is changing in the new temporary studio

Ophelia Ascendant
I have rented a storefront on S. Bloomington Avenue for the duration of the renovation through Reader's Art so I can easily continue working on the bodies of work that have been languishing in the on and off work practice that was necessitated by life with a gallery.Each day that I get to work on this project, I come home exhausted after only a few hours of work.  So much looking!

 I try one thing and then another and look at the whole series of 10 drawings to see if they scan, if they tell the story that they have been created to tell.

 Little by little, they accomplish their work.

Each drawing is part of an installation and performance that I expect to present aroun this time next year.  I could do it sooner...except for Reader's Art!

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