Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Long post about Vacations and Bathrooms

Artwork by Dale Kennedy
artwork by Dale Kennedy

Two glorious weeks on Lake Superior!

 I just returned from 2 glorious, restorative weeks on the shores of Lake Superior.  A beautiful surprise  appeared shortly before I packed up to come back to Minneapolis, were 2 beach artworks by Dale Kennedy.

I arrived to a torn -up house.  The Gallery looks like a hazmat site!  Do you remember the scene in the movie ET when they wrapped the house and entered in hazmat suits to try to capture ET?  That's what the gallery/studio looks like! "Why?" you may ask.
Well, the renovation continues.  I am installing a full bathroom on the first floor. It takes away some of  the exhibition space, but will be worth it in the end.
The exhibition/work space!
The front door of the gallery!

The ADA compliant bathroom, framed in.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, more bathroom action.  As you probably know, I live above the gallery. The bathroom upstairs was falling fact it is a wonder the toilet did not fall through the floor.  But when I got home a few days ago, everything was stripped out of that bathroom  and the fixtures were back ordered!

My personal bathroom as it looks today.
So, in the middle of the night, and all day too, I have to traipse down to the glorious bathroom in the basement.

Basement bathroom

temporary shower
For a day or 2, I showered at friends houses.  Today a temporary, illegal shower was installed for me, next to the washing machine, sharing its water supply.

interesting water supply!
I hear a rumor that I will have a temporary toilet upstairs sometime tomorrow while we await the backordered fixtures!  No more  traipsing to the basement at 2 in the morning!

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