Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As summer slowly arrives...

The coming months at Susan Hensel Gallerywill be pretty quiet...
Well, not exactly quiet. A lot will be going on, but there will be no exhibitions scheduled for a couple of months. My summer exhibitor had to cancel for various reasons, leaving a hole in the schedule. Rather than fill the hole, I will be using the time and space to rest and spend time making my own art. I'm thinking of it as a trial run for my retirement! There will also be workmen around replacing windows!
What will I be doing? Well, any number of things. First I will be filling the empty walls ( No, they are not empty yet! Carolyn Halliday's show continues until July 12) with huge sheets of paper so I can make really BIG drawings! But mostly I will be working on a couple of sculptures and installations. I will continue to dye and spin wool...Some will be for sale here and in my ETSY shop. Some will be used in my artwork.

I will still keep Monday hours. The wool shop will be more open. It won't have to hide to prevent competition with the exhibitions.

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