Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 21 and Reader's Art 9

So, Maybe you want this picture at James Michael Lawrence's big Take Down Take Home? There are hundreds more!

Meanwhile the jury is in for Reader's Art 9. It is a colorful show this year. Stay tuned. I'll be slowly but surely posting some of the images from the following artists:
Kaylie Abela
Ann Alexander
Patrice Baldwin
Amanda D’Amico
Julie Gawne
Annette Geistfeld
Edwin Jager
Jody Williams
Sun Young Kang
Riki Kobl Nelson
Tara O’Brien
Johanne Renbeck
Maryann Riker
Maddy Rosenberg
Jill Timm
Kate VanCleve
Judith Westergard
Ellen Wiener
Carol Morris
John Hensel
John Akre

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