Monday, February 16, 2009


We have been talking and viewing and answering questions today. Zach is finishing off the last details for his wonderful show of drawings, ARCHIPELAGO, that opens on Sunday, Feb 22, at noon. Over the last few weeks I've been giving you peeks at them. But, these must be seen in person to get the total effect. They are far more than mere jpeg's can convey. We talked of food (Yum! Quiche, mimosas, fruit...). We talked of prices (reasonable). We talked about wall text (too cool). We talked about hanging the show right after James' Take Down/Take Home event.
So really, you must come to the gallery 2 days in a row, because on Saturday, 1-4, you get to help strip the walls and take home the fruits of your labors! For an optional donation of that amount that expresses the intersection between how valuable the prints are to you and what you can afford, take home his art. Really! Everything must go. Pre-shopping has increased. More and more people are dropping by and selecting their prints early.

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