Monday, January 12, 2009


An extraordinary opening for an extraordinary show! These pictures were taken just before the crush! It got very busy, very full of people, gazing, pointing, wanting the images on the wall. People arrived and stayed for the remainder of the night. Many people stayed several hours, trying to see every image.

It was an amazing night. You would think that many images would be overwhelming. In a way they were: it was hard to see each piece, hard to decide which you liked best. But, despite the number of things to see, the dance of colors and images, it was actually peace inducing! You'd gaze here- you'd gaze there- and your breathing would slow down as your eyes reacted with delight to the jewel tones or your heart broke just a bit for the remembered pain in some of the images.When you look up at that wall you see the sweep of a life,of the recent past and of the hope for the future.
All the prints must go. James plans to start fresh, with a clean slate. He is releasing this art and beginning again. In fact, James is already starting the new work! The clean sweep he desires has begun.

So help him by returning Feb 21, between 1 and 4 , to help take down the show and take the prints home. All you need do is help, chose and donate as able. Otherwise, the prints go in the dumpster. REALLY!

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Anonymous said...

I admire the courage of JML and his
decision to put aside such a large
portion of his life and work. Perhaps
the digital artist will 'Review and
Reflect' on this attempt to put himself in a public
daringly. Yes, JML can print more
prints - surly he's not destroying
the files, striking the block, so to
speak. But will he? Ay! There's the
rub. Regards from Richard C. Green