Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ARCHIPELAGO is coming soon

My assistant Zach Pearl will soon have a brief show in the gallery. The day after the great TAKE DOWN/ TAKE HOME event that closes REVIEW=REFLECT=RECYCLE on February 21, he and I will hang his show. Over the next few days I will be sharing images you can expect to see at his show as well as images you can expect to have available to take home from REVIEW=REFLECT=RECYCLE.

ARCHIPELAGO is an exhibition of large (2feet x 4feet) complex drawings. To quote Zach's artists statement,"This series of work owes its origins to the overwhelming sense of
uncertainty that is a trademark of being 20-something. Perfectly
suspended between the righteous years of being a teenager and the process
of "settling-down" associated with turning 30, there is a wealth of
uncharted space...In reaction to this sensation, I was inspired to make a series of
work that reflected my own experience with these tribulations and to share
sympathy with those who may feel the same. "

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