Thursday, May 19, 2011

Piecework- as textiles grow

Textiles have always grown incrementally, piece by piece. When it was industrialized, workers were paid by the piece. The work of Libbie Soffer and Carolyn Halliday both reflect the reality of the repetition, the piecework inherant in women's production. In the tiny little picture of Carolyn, you see her working slowly, with both her arms in casts. She broke both her wrists during the production phase and had to piece-out some of the work to family members.

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More Mending Circles:
Daytime circles: May 23, noon -5pm
Evening Circle: May 20, 5pm

My Father's Religion
by Carolyn Halliday
June 4-July12
opening reception June 17, 7-9

My Father's Religion is shown in conjunction with

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