Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dean Ebben, mystery & Eva Hesse

I was excited to see these images in the inventory that Dean sent me prior to the show. This series, the "F" series, each approximately 15 inches square, is watercolor on translucent Belgian flax handmade paper. I love how this lustrous, hydrophilic, translucent paper, pulls and buckles in response to water media. Belgian flax makes wildly crackly paper, a wildly reactive paper that paradoxically looks like fine parchment, scraped to near transparency. The drawings remind me of Eva Hesse...clean, subtle, deceptively simple. They are ghosts, chimeras, holding their mystery close. But make no mistake, there is mystery here.

In the House of the Mineral Spirits
Jan. 14-Feb 28, 2011

Opening reception Friday, Jan 14, 6-10pm with a performance commencing at @7pm.

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