Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reader's Art 10 the opening

Many thanks to local photographer Michael A.Shapiro for photographing the evening. The 7 pm opening was a crush of people shortly after 6:30 pm.
One of those tiny dots is the curator, Jon Coffelt.Performance artist Julia Babb speaking with Susan. Julia will have a performance at the Pillsbury House on March 31 and April 1. I was a very short person lost in the sea of people. That's me, clutching my camera. I could not get shots much above people's navels! That's Zach gesturing in the gloves. The party closed down after midnight. Stay tuned. On Monday we will have more photos from Zach.Jodi Reeb-Meyers with her miraculous floating book! Steven Berg of Steven Be, a Yarn Garage Workshop.


joncoffelt said...

Susan it iss an honor to work with you and your gallery to bring this exhibition to you guys. The breadth and scope of book arts is growing and expanding faster than any other art form at the moment. Thanks to forward thinking people like you who are willing to push the envelope, I feel this exhibition is my best curatorial book arts piece yet. Thank you for letting me be your guest curatorial for this very important exhibition in its 10th year.

Anonymous said...

It is such a pleasure to see the work and effort you put into your love of art. I am so proud of Jon Coffelt, he represents our family well with his abilities. He is so talented and has arrived at a place in his life where he can be proud of his talents.