Saturday, September 26, 2009

Graffiti prevention stencil

While musicians played at Cupa Joe's, Zach, Eric & I began the demonstration stencil process.
We taped the stencil edges up with duct tape. Zach rolled little loops of tape and placed them behind the floppier edges. Surprisingly, the wind made the styrene flap around a bit.We masked the area around the stencil with paper. Nothing fancy, newspaper would work.

Zach and I sprayed several colors through the stencil. It was important to hold the sprayer away about 8 inches or so, to reduce over spray on the really rough stucco. When the stencil was removed, the design was pretty clear. I did not expect sharp edges.

We flipped the stencil over, and did another round of colors.
The bottom of the stencil was too hard an edge for my taste. So, Zach and I taped off an area and filled it in with the remaining green and purple paint.

Zachary Pearl was the artist who designed this first stencil for Corcoran Neighborhood. He gracefully agreed to help do this one. It was pretty easy. We spent maybe 2 or 2 1/2 hours including clean-up. It is helpful to have a friend help you tape the stencil to your surface. It is surprisingly heavy and floppy. Once it is up and masked, it is easy to paint.

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