Friday, June 5, 2009

Emily's Windows!

Emily Hertle is a lovely young woman who is graduating from Perpich High School ( the arts high school) today and will be attending the College of Visual Arts in the Fall. She came over before the graduation ceremonies to install her window.

Do drive or walk by. It is lovely.

Artist Statement
Emily Hertle

While making garments I became aware of a pattern among my work, and
would describe my ideas as having three levels: the material, the
garments relationship with the body, and documentation. While
preparing for this show I developed a goal of looking at the world
through an artistic lens. I recently took that into a literal sense
and picked up a camera. I decided to direct a photo shoot for each
garment, To do this I brought together two friends to do modeling
and makeup. The pictures taken then became the background, all of the
sites are on the PCAE campus and either reflect inspiration or the
material used in the garment.

Natural Skin
Japanese rice paper, cattails

Oak Leaves Refined
Dyed abaca

Drink the Rainbow
Plastic drinking straws and wrappers, tulle

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