Sunday, March 22, 2009

An Early Shirt

Reader's Art continues to have visitors. Tara O'Brien's bookis especially popular right now, what with all the economic news! My response is,"Who knew fine binding could be made so small?" It even have leather doublures!

In other news, I just learned Friday, that Jon Coffelt will be coming out from New York for the opening of Communion, barring family emergencies .
Today we begin showing you a few of the miniatures that Jon Coffelt will be bringing here in April.17
Interestingly, Jon Coffelt was able to see the selvage on this particular original and found out that it was made in 1952. He actually made two shirts from this garment. The other has long sleeves for whatever reason. Both are 100% screen-printed cotton. This example has a button-down collar.

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