Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coming soon! Revisions of the American Dream!

This new show is a special event! The curator, Zach Pearl, began working at Susan Hensel Gallery last year as an intern. He now works here as my gallery assistant, keeping me sane and taking over more of the administration weekly. This show is HIS baby! I am pleased to have him work here on so many levels and very pleased to support him in presenting this national show!

June 6th—July 7th, 2008
Opening Reception Friday June 6th @ 7p.m.

This Summer, the Susan Hensel Gallery in South Minneapolis will offer the chance to engage in a different kind of political dialogue.

Opening on Friday June 6th, 2008 at 7 p.m., an exhibition entitled, "Revisions of the American Dream" will showcase thirteen nationally selected artists whose work addresses what the American Dream has become for the modern-day citizen. The work featured will represent the gamut of media, from an innovative and interactive sculpture by Massachusetts native Matthew Mosher to the surrealist photography of Appleton, Wisconsin's Andy Kincaid.

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