Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gazing at Stars

It's a bit hard to gaze at stars tonight. The clouds have moved in bringing warmer temperatures with them: sweatshirt weather in the middle of the day.

Neighbors and a class of teens came in from Minnesota Center for Books Arts to see the show today. Karen's tour de force was, as always, apparent. Standing among the stars on a gray day is an uplifting experience.

Even as I write this, TalkingImageConnection, a group of writers, is busily at work, writing original prose and poetry in response to Karen's installation. Her installation is "site-specific" meaning it was conceived of and designed for this space. So too is their work. Most of the poets were able to come in for the opening, soak up the experience and talk with Karen. On Saturday, February 23, 7 pm, Jean Larsen, Ace Moore, Alison Morse, Jeff Skemp and Charlotte Sullivan will reveal their "site specific" writing in a lively reading.

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